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Vendo 721 Live Front Drink Machine Help Question

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Good day all,

My name is Alvin and I purchased a used Vendo 721 Live Front a few weeks back that was in storage from a guy for 6 years . Unit cools great and it has a few issue I'm trying to regulate .

  1. First issue my coin mech does not accept any coins at all. The cassette is filled with coins except the $ 1.00 denomination.
  2. The bill validator accepts $ 1.00 denomination and gives me back coins immediately no vending.
  3. The machine test vends great with no issues and cools great .
  4. I can access the menu set price, vend test, and set cost and so forth 
  5. The coin mech is a Conlux MCM5-4 

Can someone please help would like to get this machine up and running. 

Thank you  

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What is happening is that the machine thinks the coin return is being pressed. 

Make sure the plunger that goes down when you press the coin return button on the door isn’t touching the little lever on the top of the coin mech when the coin return button isn’t being pressed. This could hold the lever down slightly and make the machine think coin return is being requested.

If that checks out make sure the flight deck (flap on the coin mech that opens when the coin return is pressed) isn’t being held open by a jammed coin or whatever. You can open that flap gently and look as well.


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Thanks for the reply . But the coin return is not touching the coin mech lever . The coin mech is clear of all jams' and the door is seated properly on the coin mech . Some times the DIS light flashes on the coin mech.

Question for you: 

  1. Those the coin cassettes have to be filled completely or just the B,C,& D  I don't have A filled which is the $ 1.00 denomination 
  2.   My coin Mech is a Model: Conlux MCM5-4 do you think it needs to be replaced ?
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Any errors listed in the Service Mode?

Confirm that the harnessing is plugging in properly and that the mech and board are communicating?  

Can you pay out coins while in service mode CPO (Coin Payout)?  

Does that coin mech work on any other machine? Is the DBV "enabled" to accept a bill?  Does it accept and the mech pay proper change?

Have you confirmed that the acceptor portion of the changer is plugged into the body of the unit? 



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