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  2. Your Best Location

    I got a U turn quad that does about a 100 a month at Dan Henderson Athletic Fitness Center. A steak house that does about 75 a month. Joe Stevenson cobra kai did 142 in about 2 months have a quad and vendstar there. I have 48 locations so far the ones that are in any sort of martial arts gyms do well
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  4. 50 Cent Coin Mechanism For Shootin' Hoops Machine

    9 tooth or small gear.
  5. DEX data

    You're absolutely right! The DEX specifications require the 1/4" jack for transport. Yes, it does make it a bit odd. The peripherals communicate with the controller via MDB, and the controller would have to convert this data to serve DEX events. Well that shouldn't be. MDB, albeit it is not DEX, does have standard error codes which the peripherals I worked with do follow. The device must provide a level of functionality it supports, and VMC can determine which set of information can be collected. But all coin mechs have to report a failed slot the same. For example if you look at the MDB 4.2 specifications, section 5, section page 6, the VMC queries the coin mech for status using the 0xB (POLL) command. The coin mechs must provide a response that is pretty well defined (from my small experience). So if there is a jam in the coin mech tube, the mech would respond with (00000111) in the status bits, letting the controller know there is a coin jam. Then the VMC might generate a DEX event of type EA (EVA DTS v6.1, page 280) as the least specific. Anothe exmple might be slugs, which is reported as (001xxxxx) bit pattern from the coin mech, and translated nicely to DEX EAC (Accepting Slugs) event. Does it now work that way on your machines? That's the low standards I've noticed that I'd like to address While it may be difficult or impossible to pinpoint all issues precisely given the number of vendors, the age of some of the equipment, and the loose implementation around standards, there is no reason in today's connected world, an operator that has a machine with some connectivity available (cell, WiFi or LAN), could not have a service technician notified as the event occurs, whatever it may be, and let the technician diagnose machine remotely or make a service visit. That is reasonable. But when you do choose to upgrade a machine (for whatever reason), you will likely evaluate your options between refurbishing, retrofitting, or replacing, and price will be important. If you have something like the other controllers, but have more value-added features... my product might find it's way to you one day
  6. Worth Buying Beaver 2-Heads, w/ No Keys?

    Thanks for the thoughts guys; not sure I’m ready to pull the trigger but the perspective helps.
  7. strategy to locate in toronto

    i vend candy/nuts from canadian snack tower. http://www.canadiansnacktower.com/
  8. Kudos to quikvend

    You have A nice, clean, ez to read website!
  9. DEX data

    The issue goes back to the DEX protocols, which apparently don't spell out/ didn't envision problem reporting remotely. When they were conceived the sales data was physically pulled during service visits. So the manufacturers of machines don't have a standard protocol and the manufacturers of validators and changers don't connect directly to DEX anyway, only indirectly thru the MDB circuit. So they all have different error codes internally, and the systems don't communicate. Errors are typically only reported to telemetry as possible errors i.e. X number of reports with no bill or coin activity. Not precise and usually several days delayed. But again, not something I would rip out the current hardware to fix.
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  11. Restoring Coke Machine/Css-12-96

    On older equipment, I have had my compressors repaired by a HVAC Tech. What kind of coin mechanism is in it and does it work?
  12. I have a Vintage Css-12-96 Coke Machine I'm restoring myself. Anyone know if I should peel off the wood vilal and paint red and stripp the black metal trim and black metal plate on the coin slot for a chrome look. And where can I get a good deal on a new compressor,mine is shot!
  13. Stolen Machine

    I'm fairly new to vending, but I am well versed with technology (like those GPS modules). Those modules consume enough power that you'd be changing AA batteries almost every visit. The problem is the modules work well when they are outdoors (even in a trunk or under-body of a car/truck) but not so well indoors. So you will see your signal up to the building (approximate) where the machine was taken, but not further. When the module cannot lock in a signal, it keeps searching. GPS modules consume 1-2 A of current when they are seeking, which you'd find your device doing most of the time. Given an average AA at 1200mAh and you'd be using 4 to get your 6V stepped down to 5, you'd have 80-90% efficiency at best, so out of 4800mAh you could squeeze 4000, at even 1Ah your battery pack would be drained after 4 hours. Some manufacturers (not the chepo Chinese ones) include sleep timer cycles (100ms on, 7900 ms off) and some designs to delay retying of the signal search based on previous failed attempts, but you'll have to make sure the product has the feature. From a data cost, depending on how you'd go about it, A GPS signal with envelope would take ~2.5 kB (unless you're doing SSL which would take ~6kB), so you should plan accordingly. For example, if you're using unsecured reporting and have a report every 15 minutes, that's 4 times an hour x24 hours in a day x30 days in a month x2.5kB or roughly 7MB of data. SIM from a place like Hologram.io can be as alittle as $2 - $5 per machine per month. * statistics are from personal experience with GPS modules
  14. Selecting my first locks

    Deadbolt means the key is needed to lock the machine.That way you are sure to not leave a unlocked machine behind...I think they are more resistant to drilling too.But again depending of your locations it may not be necessary at all.I have a few locations..I could use duct tape to keep the door closed.For the rest of them it is really unlikely a employee will get a tubular lock pick,practice for hours and then open my machines.For public locations though,like hotels,appartments buildings,machines outside it is a must to have high security locks
  15. DEX data

    Thank you AZVendor et al! I really am happy to see such a wonderful community. When you go to the OneShow, do you evaluate products from vendors in the "first time exhibitor" booths they place in the back? I would most certainly come with working product, but I am concerned that the cost of the booth and everything surrounding the show might now bring in any business; specifically because of the stigma (or my perception there of) with tables in the "first time" section.
  16. DEX data

    The NAMA OneShow would be the place to present it as well as the ACE Show on the east coast. Don't present mockups but have working machines to show it in.
  17. Churches - a viable place for charity vending

    U brought up a great point i had not considered. Thank you! I will definitely retry in 6 months.
  18. Vending can be fun(ny)

    Now if I f*ck it does it take half my money and my house?
  19. Vending can be fun(ny)

    Is that a golpher Vendo stx All of the unreliability of a Vendo V*e and none of the sales boost or selections of a Glassfront. Brilliance in motion.
  20. Rent a shelf

    Startup Helps Operators Rent Vending Machine Shelf Space, Seeks Beta Test Participants Posted On: 9/26/2017 BOSTON -- A startup called Ohner is testing an online marketplace that connects operators with snack and beverage manufacturers that are new to the market and wish to rent vending machine slots for new product trials and other promotions. Ohner founder Caspian Zhu, a recent Boston University graduate, said the company is kicking off its beta test with a Boston operator who is initially devoting 24 of the slots in its 700 machines to the trial. Four product suppliers have signed on so far. The startup is also seeking more operator and supplier participants. The concept works like other online marketplace services that enable people to lease or rent their assets. The operator posts a profile for an available machine on the Ohner website, including its location, demographic, rent cost, availability and slot dimensions. Blue Moose Vending Management has been working with this promotion. Just posting to be sure the information is available to the forum members. You can turn your snack machine into a 3 shelf rental. Just some paper work to collect the funds. Snack and beverage startups can then search the site for the most suitable vending machine shelf-space in which to sell their product. Once the product supplier pays the rent, they ship product to the operator's facility, where it will be included in the planogram during routine stocking. Similar to the way in which AirBNB lets people rent their lodging space, operators choose the rent they want to charge. Ohner's only recommendation is to set the rate high enough to compensate for the income that would be generated if a popular item were stocked in its place. Ohner automatically deducts a 10% service fee from the operator's rent. At the end of each week, the vending operator transfers all the revenue generated by the renter's product to Ohner, which then passes it along to the supplier during the term of the lease. Operators keep the full rent whether or not the product sells. "Ohner helps vending operators to generate more revenue from rent without increasing any cost," Zhu said "It lets operators offer the newest products for customers to try, but they are also insured to have the profit. On the other hand, with the help from vending machines, snack and beverage startups can amplify product awareness and increase accessibility. This is a win-win business where both parties are benefiting." For more information, contact Caspian Zhu at caspianz@bu.edu.
  21. DEX data

    I have some ideas about it. Other than organic growth (work with local operators to create product awareness) I have contemplated showing it off at NAMA when it would be ready. Do you think that it would be worthwhile? I will have to build a brand and create brand awareness, but I feel like the "first time vendor" tables might be just throwing good money out that could be used more effectively elsewhere. Very interested to hear your thoughts sir
  22. DEX data

    Thank you Southeast Treats! May I ask what you envision when you say " I would really need in a new board would be much better remote reporting of problems (coin/bill jams, cooling failures, etc) that is usually promoted as being part of the current systems, but does not really work. "?
  23. DEX data

    Thank you, that is great advice. I have done some market research and now doing the VOC (Voice of Customer) part .
  24. VendSoft vending machine software

    Hi Dylan. Thank you very much for your interest in VendSoft! I am not familiar in detail with ParLevel but I would say that both systems are similar. We can offer you to test VendSoft with a free trial account. You can enter just a couple of machines and compare both systems in parallel.
  25. Vending can be fun(ny)

    Meanwhile, in Singapore, if you hug the machine it will give you a free drink.
  26. strategy to locate in toronto

    What type of vending are you doing?
  27. Worth Buying Beaver 2-Heads, w/ No Keys?

    Beaver issues unique key codes to each operator. So, if the current owner is the original buyer you will be able to get keys. But before Beaver does that they will want a letter from the original owner granting you the right to the key code. other than that its new locks and keys. I would contact Camlock for new locks if needed
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