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  3. I just wanted to say that I was just late-night cruising the forums to learn and i stumbled upon your thread. I know well of honor boxes and have always heard they were great. I just bought some vending machines and figured I would just stick to the big stuff. After reading your thread I began to realize that I have some accounts who I would deem extremely trustworthy that requested snacks (and I just didn't think I could justify a snack machine...) I know I don;t want to mess with any of the Chinese combo machines, which would provide me an affordable option for these accounts.... Basically: I have always heard that honor boxes were good, and realized after reading your thread how perfect they could be for me. I bought 20 from Cameron like you. I realized they could be perfect for current accounts, but also perfect for low-cost growth opportunities - which i what I'm seeking. I really want to fill my whole work schedule with vending, but was struggling with figuring out how I could do that with the money I have. Reading your thread really gaVe me a great idea, and I think it will fill in a lot of my schedule - while also providing my drink only accounts some food options! Needless to say: I AM VERY HAPPY I READ YOUR THREAD. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HONOR BOXES IN THE MAIL!!
  4. Thanks for your comments everyone, whether they were "up" or "down" comments! I am looking forward to hopeuflly becoming succesfull in this industry! AngryChris, in my first week of taking over the route I had a few problems (keep in mind my vending experience id next to nil)... two bill acceptors go out and also part of a delivery door. I must admit I was uber stressed out, but am excited that it happened and I was able to get through it. I am excited to be here in this industry that has always intrigued me, but must admit that it is no cakewalk. Sometimes I ask myself why I left the job that I knew really well and got paid really good for... entrepreneurial spirit!
  5. I have been in business for over 7 years now. I have reached the point where I no longer need additional accounts. So, assuming nothing changes, I am quite content with where I am at. My question is this: Did you ever reach a point where your repair/upgrade expenses significantly dropped? The first 4 years of business were entirely growth-based years. I reinvested almost everything. The 5th and 6th years were also growth years but I also paid myself so that I could focus on vending full-time. This is the 7th year and I seem to be at a stage where I am literally running out of things that need to be done (aside from your typical repairs... cooling deck issues, coin mech and validator repair, etc...). I actually found out that I only have about 5 machines that actually need a serious upgrade (validator, new control board, newer machine, etc..) Even with the rather constant upgrades, I seem to be able to afford it without issue. I am starting to wonder if I should focus on upgrading some decent accounts or not. For example, An account has an AP 7600 and a Rock-ola 8-select and it does about $4000/year. I think that a board upgrade with a drop sensor would make customers happier but it's not necessary. Replacing the rockola might be a better move. The question is, is this even worth it?
  6. Hello. This is my first post, I'm a total newbie. So I purchased for very cheap a Drink time VM250 soda can dispenser. It had 3 bad coin mechanisms. I found them online and they seemed pretty easy to install. Well they've been a nightmare. I get them installed and test them a couple times and they bind up. I take them out, dismantle them, reinstall, then same thing. Any advice? I'm beginning to think I can figure out why I got this machine so cheap. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I'm a new vendor. I am 17 and currently have one bulk candy machine in my parents hair salon which is doing ok. I just bought a full sized snack machine for $250 and fixed it up a little bit so it looks at most 5 years old. I have good looking business cards and have given them out to a few businesses already. I need all the tips I can get so I can succeed in this business. How do you reach the managers in businesses if you can't find them? What is best to say to them about my vending? Is it proper to ask an owner to buy their machine and maintain it if you notice they are lacking maintenance? Commission? Is it worth putting credit card transactions on the machine? Would you recommend putting machines in police stations or town buildings? Is there a way to reach many managers using bulk email? Best methods of advertising? Also, best place to buy a cheap trailer? Feel free, please, to pick and choose whatever questions you would like to answer. And please offer tips if you have any.
  8. Most are going to be really dodgy "clones" of USI or Crane machines brought in by various importers. Support and parts will be slim to none if other biz-ops are any indicator. I would rather buy a name-brand refurbed machine that's tried and true over something that very well could be doomed to be a boat anchor in 6 months time, but that's just me. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
  9. Hey guys on one of my 5591's I have a couple rows of product pushers hanging up and allowing product to lean forward, I have removed and cleaned them thoroughly with just soap and water, and they still are hanging up, I bought unit refurbished, but it still has the small original pushers, do they lose tension over time?? Or is there something else I need to do?
  10. Steve. I replied back to your e-mail. Doug W.
  11. Thanks for checking. I assume Oak price quote is $5.95 each as that it was it says on the flyer on the website. Still waiting on a quote from LAI. I'm hoping LAI is one that will let you buy additional locks as needed with the same key code.
  12. Does anyone have any lan6 keys for the tubular ace two locks 🔐
  13. nope don't have 701 either
  14. Possibly have NC701?
  15. Yesterday
  16. That is one I don't have, sorry
  17. 2126
  18. Ok. Just emailed you. And also, is a VEC 5.1A board interchangeavle with a 5.1B board? I have a vendo V480p and thought about swapping the boards to see if thats been the problem.
  19. I acquired one of these machines through auction the one I got is manufactured in China
  20. Called Pepsi and was told that machine was not owned by Pepsi since 1998 so I bought it I should say I stold it only 25$
  21. Email me and I'll give you the exchange price. Send me a photo of your board too.
  22. Can't really tell from the images I find but some parts seem to be USI while others aren't really distinguishable leading me to believe that they are crappy Chinese imports or crappy Seaga-contract manufacturing machines. In either case, if I'm right you don't want them. On the other hand why don't you call the company up and ask them who builds their machines. If they fail to honor that simple request then you have the answer as there is no support for them or they'd be more forthcoming to put you at ease.
  23. i got into it by drilling out the sight glass for the remote and using a screwdriver through the hole...rooted around a bit and was able to move a wire that had worked it's way in line causing my remote to not interface with lock...now it works great i know to be more careful with wires after messing with the coin mechanism...lol
  24. What code do you have?
  25. I've been with them for 2 months so far. All positive so far. Really glad I was able to join them. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  26. Hey guys, great forum. I've had fun reading through here the past few months. tons of info. I see alot of the MAX healthy vending machines for sale for probably obvious reasons, found a few for real cheap brand new in the box still. Does anyone know what the model and manufacturer are of these machines. I'm new to vending, run a couple machines, but I like to know where this stuff comes from to know the availability of parts. also when i look into possible upgrades for them such as bill acceptors its hard to get any definite info because i'm not sure what the manufacturer is. is it just a crane model wrapped in vinyl. the closest machine i can see that matches is the crane focus 32 but thats only by visually looking for matches. any help of info on these machines is greatly appreciated. once again, love scrolling through and reading all your posts from the experienced guys, really makes me realize some things i never would have thought of otherwise. thanks in advance. Paul
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