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      Tapatalk App   07/27/2017

      I have resolved the issues with the site, except Tapatalk. I am thinking of removing it, but before I do I want to hear from everyone about their opinion of the app. Click the link below to go to the poll. Go to the Golpher Hole in the forums, and take the poll.  

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  2. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    Running repair costs, account contact info, supplier pipeline where getting certain product from
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  4. National 497 combo

    so is there aother way to change it. Is there a certain way to get into supervisory mode.
  5. Cans vs. bottles

    Bev... I agree with you about locating single price machines being a problem. There is no disagreement there. I'm just pointing out that not all can machines are single price. I think the issue here is that you believe that single-price and can machine refer to the same things but they do not. To clarify, let me ask you this: can you name a model of a common "can" machine that was ONLY produced as a single price model? I don't want to sound insulting, but for the sake of the discussion, it's important that any newbies know the difference. After all, veterans aren't going to be the ones asking how to start off. P.S. A 501T is generally referred to as a can machine. It could have been manufactured as a single price model or multi price.
  6. Tapatalk App

    I figured people some people may not be aware of some of the benefits of the site, and how it can be navigated on a mobile device, so I put the following together. The left icon will show all the unread content. There is also an option to filter all the content, for example, any content you started or posted in. The right icon opens a sidebar. A collapsed version of the full sidebar. The top two icons at the top of the sidebar below, are for notifications (globe) and your inbox (speech balloons). Selecting Browse, and then Browse again will take you to the homepage, but so will clicking on the LOGO at the top of the screen. Browse will also get you to the download, and the gallery. Activity is another way to choose to see unread content, content you started, follow, posted in, and members you follow. What's cool is that you can create your own content stream. If you're on a full computer or decent size tablet, you will see the full site. If you shrink the browser window, you can see how it looks on smaller devices. The site is responsive based on the size of your screen, so we don't need a separate mobile site. There are also some things that aren't available on Tapatalk, like the classified section, which was just updated.
  7. Liability insurance

    Thank you very much for your input.
  8. National 497 combo

    The machine will never show the temperature of the room so that is the current setting.

    Be patient while I check for the parts.
  10. Don't use 12 oz bottles, look for 16.0 oz bottles from regional Nestle brands (not Nestle itself). Those bottles have ribs to strengthen the bottles so they don't collapse when cold. Email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom for some flavor lables. The slanted ones are hard to come by but you can use regular ones. Slanted buttons are on Dr. Pepper or 7UP branded doors of which there weren't nearly as many made.
  11. Need advice on buying machines

    I have some 1-800 machines available if interested
  12. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    money in, cycle length, (turns red when it needs serviced), type of machine, number of selections, pic of machine.
  13. Need advice on buying machines

    oakmfg.com they sell refurb machines but they're great machines.
  14. Need advice on buying machines

    Oak mfg is close to you
  15. When I got into this side business of mine I began with AA global since I can just drive to there location in Los Angeles and pick brand new machines and racks at very good prices. Now They dont sell machines anymore and I have no Idea where to get machines anymore I see occasional ones on cragslist but they dont ever have suitable coin mechs. Where else can I get machines? what advice can you guys give me, maybe some kind of aution or website?
  16. Who owns this machine?

    No sorry

    emailed you and no response
  18. Tapatalk App

    The app sucks
  19. Healthy for You/Breakfast Items?

    Pop Tarts are always a good breakfast/ meal replacement item, long shelf life and the strawberry and cinnamon flavors are steady sellers. They also have a whole grain variety with one to a package that meets school vending guidelines. Nature valley has some good items (and some duds) . The dark chocolate protein bar has been a good seller for me, as well as the peanut butter chocolate granola cups (like a healthier reeses cup). Also the dark chocolate crunch bar. Kar's seems to have the most nut choices at the best prices.
  20. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    well so far no one is suggesting any features lol
  21. Healthy for You/Breakfast Items?

    I sell Belvita breakfast bars and Nature Valley almond biscuits, mostly to high school students.
  22. Who owns this machine?

    Do you have any 50cent beaver coin mechs?
  23. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    You let me know if you need anything to assist with this app build. I am with you on the pay per month deal with all these other software systems. I look forward to what you create.
  24. If you're doing so, I'll be happy to work with you in the long term. I've been with vista vending so far, spend more than 10k with them but it seems like they're over charged me a lot. I'll really appreciate it. Thanks
  25. Tapatalk App

    How does it help over the mobile site?
  26. I will send you info as leads in the area come up.
  27. Tapatalk App

    Interesting.... If Tapatalk does go away, I hope there can be some alternative app!
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