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  2. Got asked to leave

    I just wanted to share that i just lost an account. I'm bothered that they won't give me a reason, but i have considered canceling the account before. The only part that bothers me is that i have no storage space.
  3. BA30B

    On my dollar bill accept or it wound not take the bill in but maybe an inch.I cleaned the sensors and now it takes the bill all the way in but spits it back out.Is there anything else I can do to maybe fix the problem besides get a new one
  4. 368 lights

    I found the problem and there were a couple of wires shorting out.Fixed.Thank you for all the help
  5. Today
  6. I have a small route in bulk vending and i enjoy it but i think i need to change my business i will keep my route and see if i could place machines on the ones i already work with. I see alot of new different machines all i can really agree on is the credit card reader is a good thing.
  7. Water puddle

    So just unclogg it and see if it drains
  8. USI 3205 Coffee nightmare

    Hey BlindVending, If you need contact information for Wittern Group(USI), I have some that could help. Send me a PM and I'll send it to you, if you would like. I just don't want to post numbers and names openly. Let me know if you need it.
  9. sandwich machines

    I was thinking the same thing.
  10. Random thoughts

    Sometimes I use bigger words than necessary in order to sound more incandescent.
  11. 368 lights

    I just put 2 new F64T12 lights and they just flicker
  12. Chip Card Reader

    35 - I took their BUY25GET10FREE summer special. Have a great responsive hands on sales /support guy there. I had USA Tech before. Works like a charm. Even speaks directions to the customer. On some machines, I can change my pricing right from my computer back to the machine. Now I can change my prices on the fly. I also had a location I couldn't get a cell signal from and a hi gain antenna didn't work. They have a wifi/Ethernet port on their telemeters, and I was able to get full service through the locations wifi. I don't knock where I have been but at the same time when I saw they also had the chip slot too, it was a no brainer for me. I don't knock others who are comfortable where they are and are making money I'm only saying these readers are great, I'm making my money, and I'm getting lots more bang for my buck today and peace of mind for later should credit card companies start enforcing on us like they are now on retail. Off to work, starting early today. Have a great day all.
  13. sandwich machines

    Maybe i am wrong but i feel like i have seen this exact picture before, possibly over a year ago.
  14. sandwich machines

    You can't do food in that AMS unless it's got a health sensor in it. The spirals in this one are also for snacks so this is probably just a soda/snack combo without a health safety sensor in it. If you want to do an AMS for cold food then you need a Visi Combo which has a larger compressor and the required health control to turn the vend circuit off if the temperature rises above 40-42 degrees for too long.
  15. Need help on light resto project

    Just use an SOS pad or 000 steal wool with Windex on the rack. I'm not familiar with the wheels on that rack since I haven't used that one. Yes, just the coin carrier needs changed. I know Heritage vending had some.
  16. sandwich machines

    Ok I have 2 nursing home breakrooms im replacing the current vendor with snack, soda, and cold food machines. These will be my first 2 cold food machines..I do frozen food but not refrigerated food. My question is what should I put in these machines and where do I buy my sandwiches and what not. I know I can do milks, juices, and energy drinks on bottom selections..
  17. Help with an existing route price

    I purchased a 35 location 60 machine route for 70k plus product and machine coin. Basically another 10k. I own about 37 machines, and the rest are leased from Coke or PepsiCo. Most are MDB. If most machines in you sale are not MDB, then you are looking at replacing all or most of the machines. Your need to know what machines you own outright, how many are bottle, how many are can, and what make of snack machines you have. What will you be servicing the route with. Do you have a van or a truck with a cap. Don't rush in, you may find out its not for you. Better to find that out with 5 machines, instead of 35.
  18. Help with an existing route price

    If the equipment is aged then that can and will become a problem as time marches on. Having newer equipment can make a world of difference when it comes to working a route. As angrychris said, if his prices are low that will be an issue. In our area, there is 2 older vending companies similar to the one you are looking at. Both of them have much lower prices than all the other companies around here. If I had to bet, I'd bet that this guy's prices are fairly low since he's been around forever and has older equipment. Also, the 35 accounts/75 machines is a pretty big chunk to start with. How do you know you are going to even like vending? Just speaking from a conservative point of view. I'd hate for you to dive into that big of a pool head first and then realize you hate vending after 3 months. Not saying that would happen to you but it's almost like asking someone to marry you after a couple dates. Could backfire on you. As for working that route, doing around 150k a year in revenue as a side gig, might be pushing it. It's do-able for someone that knows how to run vending company but for a first timer, it could be overwhelming. Most people just see the guy filling up the machine and getting the money out. I know you know there is more to it than that, I just think you may be underestimating the time and juggling that goes on. Especially with older equipment. How sure are you of the validity of the his numbers? Could he somehow get some of those accounts under contract? Is there a smaller chunk that you could potentially buy? Maybe something like 15 accounts/30 machines doing 60-75k a year. That would hopefully bring you 25-30k in profit at the end of the year, given that his prices are respectable and nothing crazy happens. Could work that in 1.5 days a week give or take as you see if you like vending or not. Then go from there. If you could do that, and then potentially buy more of his route later that could be a good option. Is there anyway you could shadow him before you make up your mind? You could gain more information about the whole decision buy watching him do his thing for a couple days. Sorry to ramble, but there are soooooo many factors that come into play when it comes to buying a vending route.
  19. Water puddle

    Clogged drain hose, drain that is raised up in the floor of the tank or machine not level. Many machines just have low spots in the tank area where water accumulates.
  20. 368 lights

    No ballast if your lights go from top to bottom of the door. In a generic or Pepsi door you'll have F64T12 lamps run by a single magnetic ballast. One side of the ballast can fail or the wiring could be broken on one side or you could have a broken socket.
  21. USI 3205 Coffee nightmare

    Check your diagnostic log and see if you have a "new filter reqd" message that means your filter belt must be changed. Regardless of the number of vends on the machine the belt can get clogged depending on water conditions, type of coffee you're using, etc. There's no vacuum in the machine, only pressure after the steeping time passes. The air pump then turns on to push the water through the grounds and through the filter belt to the dispensing hose. You either have an impediment to that flow or your brewer seal is failed causing all pressure to blow out around the bottom of the brewer. You could also have a weak clamping pressure that isn't holding the brew cylinder tight against the seal when the air pump turns on.
  22. Water puddle

    If it is in the delivery chute, it may likely result from a leaky bottle of water.
  23. Wanted: Northwestern heads & $.50 mechs

    Time Left: 13 days and 9 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I am looking to buy Northwestern Super 60 globes, $.50 mechs and possibly some bases and lids. Call or text me at(785) 822-1951. Thanks!


  24. Wan: Northwestern heads & $.50 mechs

    Time Left: 13 days and 9 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I am looking to buy Northwestern Super 60 globes, $.50 mechs and possibly some bases and lids. Call or text me at(785) 822-1951. Thanks!


  25. Water puddle

    Check the drain for a clog. You may need to stick something in it to clear it out.
  26. Water puddle

    Water puddle under the delivery shoot of my 501T
  27. Yesterday
  28. My Secret Weapon!

    Hello Performa, Just curious. Are you still giving away the Visa cards? Can you share the form? Thanks!
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