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  2. I recently had a request to put a machine in an apartment complex laundromat. I currently dont have any apartments or hotels. Im thinking just a soda machine and maybe a bulk candy. So Im asking for some advice as far as a proposal to the owners. Obviously free is best but this not an option here. Where should I start with commission? Should I install for a year and then evaluate commission? Commission on just soda and not bulk? How do you guys handle similar scenarios? Thank you, Jonathan Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Finished with trim installed. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. Bungee cords would work. Look pretty good too if you could find them the same color as the unit. Problem is kids would probably take them. Always the danger of strangulation too. They make a lot of colors of Duck tape, clear too! Duck tape would be the way I would go.
  5. Okay
  6. Not with their terms.
  7. 1.25
  8. Not for $1 Vendo's for sure. What is your standard selling price for 16.9 bottles?
  9. Thank you for the encouragement. By they way, if you have route drivers, I'm assuming you must be a pretty big company now. Is that all you do are the honor boxes? If so, I would love to pick your brain sometime as I grow my business.
  10. I have a hotel requesting a Dixie narco 522E they want 16.9ounce bottles sold for a dollar each they have 32 rooms and they are full to Capasity would anyone recommend me taking this account
  11. Yesterday
  12. What kind of Marchand name and model
  13. Thanks for the advice! It is indeed the sliding part that pushes the card out that is getting stuck midway through. I've tried loosening the nuts but that only seems to loosen the metal columns that hold the stickers. Any advice for securing the device so that it doesn't tip over? I was thinking of getting bungee cords and threading them through the holes at the top and wrapping them around a building support column.
  14. I need help with the diagnostic aspects of the machine and I need someone to help me figure out what the eff "user message 3" means? And do I have to pay for a repair? It's an older machine just used for some pop and chips at a horse riding school and we don't have a ton of money to waste on a vending machine. I have the manual but it doesn't offer any type of diagnostic instruction. I don't understand why this has to be so difficult. Please help? Thank you to all!
  15. As the head of the nation’s leading distributor of products for vending machines, micromarkets and coffee service operations, Vistar chief executive Pat Hagerty, is well positioned to keep a finger on the pulse of the market. His vantage point provides a panoramic view of the fast-changing food and beverage preferences of today's away-from-home consumers that, he reports, are driving an SKU explosion... View the full article
  16. single head only or with stand?
  17. Good FInd, Great buy!!! Congrats
  18. If it's missing high/low by a marginal amount would call for an adjustment to the "shelf offset".
  19. Missing high/low, will attempt suggestions, thank you
  20. In the pics here is almost everything you need. Lids and turntables need to come from UTURN or buy used like I did. Baseplate are harder to come by because they cost too much to ship. I thought about using mic stands, we'll see.
  21. I definitely used way more glue in the first five years of my life than I have in all the time since then.
  22. I have some if you need them. rbepic4gatgmaildotcom. PS: It's not good forum etiquette to add to 4 year old posts. You should just start a new one to keep things current.
  23. Follow the manual for resetting the home position and setting the X/Y limits. Make sure the cabinet is perfectly square with a level. Don't put the level on the door or anywhere other than the edges of the cabinet.
  24. Excellent! I always start selling at my new price prior to taking the plunge into a price increase also. It is a GREAT gauge to determine if the price increase is appropriate. If you are able to continue placing new accounts at the NEW price with not much resistance, then you can be confident that the increase is fair. If selling at the new price is much more difficult and met with strong objections, then you know that maybe you are rushing into an increase before the market is ready. Sounds like you are RIGHT ON TRACK with this one. We are still holding strong at $1.00 and hoping to get at least another year out of it, but are ready to go to $1.25 anytime now, since my route drivers have been prepping our customers for quite a while now about a possible price increase. Keep up the good work.
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