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  2. Refurbing mechs and validators

    Your options are: Vendor's Exchange in Cleveland, Dieb in Missouri, member AZVendor over in Pheonix, http://www.veii.com/Repair/ http://diebonline.com/home.html
  3. Today
  4. Which machine do you have (make and model)? If you a model with the shelves it can be used as any other snack machine. If you have one that has the product suspended, buy the plastic hangers on amazon.com, but don't try heavy products such as Honey Buns, they will not hold for long. I still employ about 20 of those from our Tom's days. They are well built machines, in my opinion and work well in small accounts.
  5. Sheridan Systems

    They also work with a locator. I believe they charge $12 each
  6. Snack box update

    I have actually recently changed the way I do that. My routine was I go to the gym at 5:30 and workout from 5:30 to 6:30 because that gave me time to get dressed and get to Sams right when they open at 7. I click and pull my order the night before so all I have to do is go in and pick it up. I take the products to the warehouse and build my boxes for that days route. I would be on the road between 9:15 and 9:30 Now, to save time, my routine hasn't changed other than the fact that now I go in and pick up my order for the next day's route. I already the day's route already made up so I can get on the road earlier. Then after my route is done I go to Sam's and pick up my order for the next day and go and build the next day's route.
  7. What is this??

    If you scrap every machine that has one you will be scrapping most older Coke machines because they all had one.
  8. I cannot help you with that because that machine is so far beyond obsolete it is now a collector's item.
  9. Putting a Toms snack machines in the break room what is the best snacks and prices?
  10. Where to purchase Plastic Stands for Cheap?

    I tried to google Pipe Stands, and searched 'Sams Club' and didn't come up with anything. Do you have any links you can share? Ill check out bluebarvending now....
  11. Time for a Bevmax4 upgrade kit. New, updated board, keypad, xy motors, delivery cup, etc. Takes out most of the pain of older Bevmaxes, runs like 800 bucks.
  12. What is this??

    I have a machine with one of these. I need to scrap that thing!!!
  13. What is this??

    It is a sequencing solenoid that switches vending between columns 1 and 2. If you need one email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.
  14. If you are running a MEI 4000 merch they have shorter c/r lever so a Coinco will work better. There might also be a set of coin merch mounting screws higher than what you're using.
  15. Refurbing mechs and validators

    What area of the country are you in?
  16. Just an update, I think I was able to isolate the problem as being the escrow release switch on the actual coin mech. When I put a dollar or coins in the machine with the door open and then reach around to the escrow release switch, if I push it hard enough and maybe jiggle a little, it triggers and the money is returned. But there’s no way the button / lever assembly that links to the front of the machine is going to be able to trigger that switch. So it looks like I’m going to have to swap out the whole mechanism because od that switch. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  17. Lectrovend VS99 Board upgrade

    Take it to the scrap yard!
  18. Picking up hotel wants 3 snack machines

    A former employer had a local hotel that was probably similar to this but with 4 floors. They had a snack and glassfront on the 1st, and i think a can machine too, a snack and can also on the first in the kitchen area for employees (cheaper pricing), and a soda machine on the next 3 floors. The 4th floor had been vandalized and never repaired. 3rd floor had a bad refrigeration deck and was never repaired. 2nd floor worked but everything was expired. Kitchen machines were slow but not like the other floors. Only the main lobby did anything decent. They asked the vendor to fix the machines but never pressed the issue because the floors never got filled.
  19. Snack box update

    Do you pick a separate day to buy your products for restocking? Or the same day you do your route?
  20. Picking up hotel wants 3 snack machines

    Hotels often want vendors on every floor, it may be a requirement of their franchise. They rarely do better than a single good set of machines in a central location, although every location is different. If you can offer them a glass front soda and card readers that may accept havin just one central location with the upgrades...
  21. Snack box update

    Yeah for me as well. Between boxes and candy machines. They tend to mysteriously break top locks off of vendstars.
  22. What is this??

    Yes it’s automatic. It’s called a sequencer I believe. Alternates which of the first two columns run. Should be used for the really high volume product.
  23. Sheridan Systems

    Does anyone know if Sheridan Systems is just a supplier of vending supplies or do they locate accounts, etc. too? Thank you!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Picking up hotel wants 3 snack machines

    Seemed like a lot of snack machines to me.
  26. Refurbing mechs and validators

    Coin co and mars. Any links??
  27. What is this??

    Is it automatic?
  28. What is this??

    I see. This machine does have a slave column.
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