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  2. Typical or Alien-Seasonal Influence

    Dealing with expired product is something most of us deal with. It's the nature of the business as sales drop off suddenly and it's a matter of experience to get ahead of the game. Another huge factor is that you don't have many accounts. Once you have a lot of machines (well over 60) that produce decently (say $50/week on average) then things become both harder and easier. It gets harder simply because of the amount of machines to manage, but easier because you tend to know what you're doing and you have enough machines where you know you can sell certain product faster if you rotate it properly. It's a management issue at that level, but you don't have the problem of throwing things away simply because you can't sell enough of what you buy like you do when you start small. What kind of accounts are they?
  3. AzVendor

    No. My shop was just up the street from them.
  4. Today
  5. Typical or Alien-Seasonal Influence

    My soda sales have dropped off pretty much the same, 30-40% but what has me worried is you mention your snack sales actually going up 30%. If my snack sales had gone up 30% I'd be much more amazed in a different way. My sales have dropped across the board, snacks maybe a little less, but still down 25-35% since mid November. I've seen a slight increase but 40% is a long climb back when being scrutinized...Aside from learning as I go, especially the fundamentals of inventory management and avoiding throw aways due to expirations dates, I'm remaining hopeful...
  6. Typical or Alien-Seasonal Influence

    I can't speak for NE area, but I live in Ohio and the soda sales drop off maybe 40% or so while snack sales go up maybe 30%. This is just a wild guess as I have never done the actual math, but it is a known thing in the vending world. It does begin after Thanksgiving due to vacations and other seasonal-related causes (people bringing in food to work, work parties, etc...) and it gets quite significant after chrismas and maybe until the 3rd week of January (I take the week between Christmas and New Years off). Once we get past the 3rd week of January, the sales "normalize" for winter sales.. and by normalize, I am referring to that estimate of a 40% drop in soda sales and 30% increase in snack sales. The nature of the locations have a huge impact on sales as well. Schools often drop off after Thanksgiving pretty significantly except for weeks with heavy testing (only faculty-related vending). They don't pick back up until maybe February and they can be pretty volatile until maybe March'ish. Everything normalizes back to Summer sales approximately around Memorial day or even June/July depending on whether and the nature of your accounts. Only having 3 accounts, the nature of your accounts mean that your figures could be way off from what I just said.
  7. I took over a small route, 3 locations , 6 snack & 5 soda machines in total back in September 2017. I was able to tag along and see weekly sales and clean outs over a three week period. Using a few of the guides on route values/sales I learned here I took the plunge and during my first few months sales continued to maintain the average I was getting used to them. To put it lightly theres been a big dropoff (especially the soda machines) from the week before Thanksgiving to the present. The seasons, Holidays(Haloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas,New Years,School break-Vacations etc....), Weather & Taxes were explained to me and to expect a slow down during the winter months( I live in Massachusetts) but in all honesty I'm amazed how sales have dropped off. No customer complaints , even better service, compliments as a matter of fact, yet I feel like getting back to August/Septembers sales will never happen. I'm new and theres no experience to fall back on except the seller of the locations keeps reassuring me it happens, especially with an eventful (stormy) winter. My question is how much , on average, do other route owners see their sales drop during the winter months(especially in the New England area) ? I'm trying to convince myself there's a larger influence due to the strong four seasons here besides the crutch of interrupting holidays which reflect in sales between the Fall/Winter verse Spring/Summer. I'm starting to over think things, getting anxious to say the least, and even switching products. I realize I need to give it time and service through my first Spring/Summer months, but fear of failure so early becomes traumatizing...
  8. Rocket balloons

    I’ve not had any complaints. Been running them for a long while. I agree they are super thin (cheap).
  9. AzVendor

    Is your former company vendtronics on 30th ave?
  10. Suggestions getting into hotel currently under construction.

    Good question, I wish I had an answer. Usually no hotel people on site until the construction is almost done, and by then they have too much on their minds to bother with vending if it's not already done. Try to use the internet to find the owner/operator info and work from there. A lot of the newer properties are still getting into their own mini-marts next to the front desk, which is a pain for us....
  11. NAMA show - Las Vegas

    Everyone have fun and be safe.... maybe I will make it some year.
  12. Confused Vendo 480

    You need to replace the gate links. You should do them all because when one or two wear out the rest aren't far behind.
  13. NC Acrylic vending opportunity

    now $50 a hour, after all costs of goods and royalties, is a very repeatable thing.
  14. NC Acrylic vending opportunity

    loosely, yes. i mean, ive seen over $300 a hour before, and ive seen under $7. not taking into consideration my tax rate, tire wear, or cost of a motor rebuild after 175k miles. i say that jokingly, only because ive never heard anyone talk about their employer and say, "i make $27 a hour minus my gas minus my taxes minus my lunch minus my 4 sodas a day minus the wear and tear on my car minus the cost of my clothing, minus my union dues" i know you arent insinuating that, nor am i insinuating that everyone will make $100, nor do i care to much if anyone tries. but for those that do try, its good for them to know both sides of the coin, and see different experiences in different areas.
  15. Confused Vendo 480

    https://youtu.be/dcQj_qai0I0 Thanks for the help guys. I unloaded the 2 selections and the problem went away. The video is what happens on one when I trigger the door button. The video wouldn't upload directly which is why I posted the link.
  16. Yesterday
  17. DN501e Won’t Enter Service Mode?

    More than likely the door switch.
  18. DN501e Won’t Enter Service Mode?

    I would check the door switch first, then the actual service mode switch.
  19. Have tried unplugging machine and letting it sit for 30 seconds, but no matter what I do, it doesn’t respond to the service button. Otherwise the machine seems to be working fine. Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, were you able to figure it out?
  20. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    My husband and I started with them March 2017 and just now dealing with the fallout , accepting that it will not pan out. I am so upset about it, Joseph even gave me his personal cell# I filed all the reports you can think of today, jut have to do one for my state.
  21. Useless (but interesting) trivia

    Today is the nineteenth day of the third month of the nineteenth year of the third millennium.
  22. NAMA show - Las Vegas

    I'm at Harrah's LaCanteen, but like you not much spare time Well Zero to be exact, unless I pull an all nighter
  23. Dixie Bevmax refer decks are at least $750 - don't think Vending Works has them.
  24. bottle water

    LOL!!!! And thus the name Angry Chris!!
  25. NAMA show - Las Vegas

    That trip seems like a waste of time.
  26. Route Valuation Method

    You generally don't find any contracts for smaller accounts. Handshake aggreements are the usual way of business for small vendors. The risk is yours to do your due diligence and provide better service than the previous owner to secure the accounts.
  27. NAMA show - Las Vegas

    I'm very booked. I arrive Tuesday around 1PM. Will do the show from 3-6. Then have a Canteen function to attend. Do the show Thursday 10-12, then fly out. Is anyone staying at Harrah's?
  28. Route Valuation Method

    So, when you are buying a route for a $100k+ with 10 locations and there are NO existing contracts between the locations and current owner, the risk to the buyer seems high, no? If you lose one (or more) of the 10 high volume locations soon after the transitions, that would seem to skew the acquisition cost much higher! Interesting to hear if most buyers are willing to buy routes without any contracts or binding agreements...
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