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  2. Crane 797

    That is a great deal to end up with a 167!
  3. Crane 797

    I'm going to guess it would cost $800 in parts and labor to fix the combo if you went that route.
  4. Today
  5. Coinco ALD-F707 technical info

    Thanks for the reply. I am told were stuck with these units as the machines are very old and only work with these mechs. Even CCRoyal say they get little support for these units. I was hoping that someone out there may have some technical info. Thanx again.
  6. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    These are all brand new, located within the week.
  7. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    How long have you had these on location? You will see sales dip a bit at certain locations after the newness wears off.
  8. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    Hopefully I’ll have 50 located after this week, I’ll use them as a starting point to see if my objective is within reason....I’ll keep you posted.
  9. Crane 797

    I have a few places fairly close I might be able to find some donor shelves. I'll get with you once I get those and a replacement machine. Thank you for the help!
  10. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    Absolutely. And a you start weeding them out, you start to really start spreading out. I've pulled all of mine. I was working a FT job and my bulk and full-line routes were(and still are) really growing quickly, so I pulled the plug on them. I only had about 45 locations with them. Did have about 10 that were great, the rest were middle of the road or duds.
  11. Crane 797

    PM me when you're ready. Donor machines for shelves are 147, 157, 167 and, of course, combo units of the same families. I have extra shelves, but packing and shipping would be a golpher. You can get the left tray rails from any deep National, but the right hand rails must be designed for rail boards , except for the bottom one. D&S Vending is my go-to for bone yard parts. I only deal with Jason.
  12. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    Yeah I’m sure it would an ongoing shuffle for good locations. Do you still have honor boxes out there?
  13. Random thoughts

    Imagine being a whale and you finally decide it’s time to die but then all these people show up on the beach and push you back into the ocean.
  14. Crane 797

    The door is a single unit and it does have long spirals. Looks like I can add this on to the quickly growing list of winter projects. I'd definitely appreciate the help with a parts list. I'm still going to find a suitable replacement, I'd rather do something like this in my secluded shop so I don't have to censor myself when I get frustrated lol. Which machines have shelves that will fit? I'll start searching for donors.
  15. Useless (but interesting) trivia

    You’ll always be no more than 12,451 miles from anywhere on Earth.
  16. Price change on Vendo 576

    You can thank Coca Cola for that feature. {sarcasm font}
  17. Coinco ALD-F707 technical info

    Coinco was never generous with board level information. You may need to upgrade to a current unit as that platform did not last long due to multiple issues. Here's your contact: http://www.ccroyal.com.au/contact
  18. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    I tried them out for a bit, so I have a basic understanding of it. You would need to cycle through alot of dud locations and cover a very large area to find 500 locations that are going to average $30/mo, which would be about what you'd need to hit $4/week profit.
  19. Crane 797

    If that door is one piece, and the snack spirals are long it can be converted. I would even get rid of the Millennia trim and put a standard front on it. That door handle is no longer available but the standard front uses the standard lift handle. I can help you with a parts list. If the door stays the same, I see roughly $200 for tray rails, rail boards, motor control board & harness. Your big wild card here is 3 shelves with spirals & motors. I parted out a 147 to get shelves, you only need to drill a hole for the shelf harness. Even if you spent $800 on it you can't buy a 167 for that. Definitely not something to do on location.
  20. Crane 797

    I'm not familiar with it at all, but this is how it looks.
  21. .7 Vends vs 1.2 Vends?

    Hi folks, I am very new to vending. So, new, that aside from a whole lot of bookmarks and an idea, I don't own any machines. I am currently doing up a business plan to buy a property. My goal really is to have a fully automated convenience store that is open 24/7. In doing my business plan, I came across the following quote " Micro markets tend to attract 18 percent more visits per day with an average of 1.2 sales per day per visit, as compared with 0.7 sales in a vending area. Does this mean that my machine in here will only likely get 1.2 sales a day per machine? I am having difficulty figuring out how to project sales when there is nothing like it in my town. Say I am selling a chocolate bar at 1.25$. Does this mean that I sell 1.2 chocolate bars per machine? Lets say I go with 10 machines that means I make 1.25$x1.2x10=15$ gross? Is anyone able to show me how to project numbers for sales? I am most definitely no math genius, just a regular guy who works and wants to make a better life for my family.Much appreciated on any input that can be provided.
  22. New and Upcoming

    I just wanted to give a shout out and say hello from Canada.
  23. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    Im pretty new so take what i say with a grain of salt but i treat the honor box business as supplemental income to help grow my bulk business. I have to wait around a month for bulk collections but only a week for honor boxes. Honor boxes give me a bit less freedom than bulk. But i would just take it a day at a time and try to not rush it.
  24. Crane 797

    Isn't that machine based on the 167 platform? If so, remove the module, get tray rails, trays, motor control board and rail board harness and morph it into a 167. I've done this with can modules.
  25. 40 Vendstars for sale

    Time Left: 13 days and 18 hours

    • For Sale
    • USED

    Have about 40 used Vendstars. $30 each. If you currently run these machines & you have a specific cash door lock code that'd you'd prefer I can probably accommodate. Top locks are all either 157 or 159. I'm in South Florida but will ship (you pay actual shipping). Thanks. David 561 333-2828.


  26. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    Thanks for the response. You’re talking 9-10 dollars in profit? Even at that it’s worth it in my eyes. Especially if you think you could raise it by moving slower locations.
  27. 6 figures in the honor box biz

    My average is about 9 or 10.00 a month per box. I was over 10.00 per box for awhile. If I picked up some slower locations I could raise that number.
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