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  2. Fixing a fixer-upper

    I bought my first (and current) house in January of 2009. It was a foreclosed home that was listed on a HUD website for my region. Back then, during the housing crisis era, a lot of foreclosed homes flooded the market. I bought my 1400 SF house in a pretty nice neighborhood with a good school district for less than $30,000. The catch was that it needed new drywall on EVERY wall and ceiling, new flooring everywhere, no doors, new trim, and basically everything else that you visually saw from inside the house. For those of you who don't know, doing your own drywall work is relatively cheap, but a LOT of work. In addition to what you can clearly see needing to be replaced, I also had a new furnace and AC put in. In the end, I have done many tasks including things such as; drywall work, flooring, minor electrical work, minor duct work, completely renovating a laundry room with new solid exhaust duct, minor plumbing, framing a door, and many other things I have long forgotten to think of. Learning all of these things is great, but I think I have put around $20,000 into my house as it stands, but over $6,000 of that was just the furnace and AC. Currently, I need to renovate 3 bedrooms (out of 4), renovate one bathroom (out of two), and completely renovate the kitchen. There is still work left, but I have almost completely renovated the living room, dining room, foyer, master bedroom, and 2nd bathroom. In hindsight, I could have done a lot of things differently and far better, but it is what it is. I am interested in hearing other people's renovation experiences. I'm looking to finish a small hallway that connects the dining room to the foyer in addition to finishing some trim, putting new ceramic tile in the bathroom shower walls, and renovate 2 of the 3 bedrooms that need it. When those are done, I will be turning my attention somewhere else (master bath, 3rd bedroom that needs renovated, or kitchen). So far the method to my madness is to focus on the biggest bang for my buck, which is the bedrooms since it's mostly walls and flooring. The master bath will cost me an estimated $2,500 and the kitchen probably over $10,000 including appliances.
  3. Customers

    Great post I was having a bad day until I read this post Thank You for making my day.
  4. Just venting

    There is plenty more business out there just pick up your machines clean them up and find another and more profitable account to place them. I promise you will forget about this bad account in no time.
  5. PowerAde

    I sell Powerade for 1.50
  6. Is this a good machine?

    You have a good eye for good deals
  7. Sundays

    I ran my vending route for years 7 days a weeks. I have four children they attended private school went to college and one to trade school it took working these long days to pay for all of it.I could not ever paid for this if it was not for vending.
  8. CC Processing and USA Technologies

    USA tech service is bad and I have not received the 3 credit card readers I ordered on June 24.They have my 300 dollars. I have made several attempts to speak to anyone but the only one I have talk to does not a clue why I have not got them. USA tech real na me should be Unknowing Stupid Arrogant Tech I have not received the credit card readers from USA tech yet.It has been over a month
  9. Yesterday
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/www.highsnobiety.com/2017/07/21/uber-vending-machines-cargo/%3fformat=amp#ampshare=http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/07/21/uber-vending-machines-cargo/
  11. Coinco mag50b

  12. honor box pricing

    First week. I placed 14 lollipops boxes from the locator and 4 of my own finding this week. These lollipops boxes are labeled with AAFLC charity. It has been easy to find locations on my own. In fact it is easier for me to go cold than going of the list of locations provided. On my way to the address in my list, I see many placement opportunities; I usually find replacement locations for rejected boxes within the same neighborhood of my rejected box . Out of the 18 boxes placed, 2 were rejected via phone after placement. Last week I ordered 25 lollipop boxes from Sheridian, they haven’t arrive yet. My 50 snack boxes from Cameron packaging arrived last week, I am putting them together to commence placement next week. I started doing this as a challenge to myself. I have a good business in a different industry, which requires little time and attention. It basically runs itself. My business model has allowed me to travel the world in motorcycle while I earn a good living. So I am not planning on replacing my business with this activity, but to challenge myself in a different industry. My approach to this activity is very relaxed; however I have a goal of 40 lollipops boxes and 40 snack boxes by the end of August. I’ll keep my weekly updates as long as I have something interesting to write about.
  13. Oaks or Oak Knockoffs

    Can anyone tell if these are Oaks or something else
  14. Coinco mag50b

    It's worth investing into a newer machine.
  15. Coinco mag50b

    That needs to be replaced. You need the mech, harness, and validator.
  16. Coinco mag50b

  17. Still lacking some info, but more thoughts.... sounds like a white collar office building with multiple occupants and visitors, if so micromarket is out; without a single employer to hold customers accountable your theft loss would be prohibitive. Grab and go stuff at breakfast time, simple lunch time stuff and break items, nothing too complex, and probably closed by 3 in the afternoon... could be a good spot. Make sure your coffee is GREAT. If no other shops in the building some sundry items. You will get the morning and afternoon break business and lunch for those who just can't get out of the building every day... not a lot of vending if most workers leave at 5, you will get most of your business in the snack bar. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth...
  18. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    I agree. You never know what a location will do until you try it. I really don't pull machines unless it's proven to be a dud. If need them elsewhere and I've gone through my product changes, then I don't mind pulling them. But I usually have so many machines on hand that I usually pull if it's only done a few dollars after a few months.
  19. Problem accepting dollars

    Nope. Rarely a credit relay problem. First unplug the machine (there is 110v on every wire) and look at the selection switches to make sure that there are no loose wires by any switch. Then look at the wire side of the connector the coin mech plugs into and push each wire up into the socket in case one has come out. Then look at all your vend motors. You're looking for one motor timing cam that has both motor switch arms in one notch or both on the high side of the cam. Both in a notch is probably a bad motor brake. Both on the high side is a jammed column. Tell us the model number of your machine found on the serial number plate on the left side of the outside door.
  20. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Well I have several machines in the shed and the ones I am leaving have been on location for years and they are local. All it takes is for one person to try and quit smoking to turn a location from nothing to decent. An old vendor once told me " once a machine is on location, leave it. you can always buy another one" I didn't know they were going to be duds when I found them
  21. Problem accepting dollars

    Sounds like you have an old single price can Machine and that you need a credit relay. Looks like an ice cube that plugs in usually clear or black plastic.
  22. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Personally, I wouldn't even waste my time finding a location that doesn't earn 15$ in 4 months, but that's just me. I'm in the game to make the most out of my machines and get them in high quality locations
  23. Random thoughts

    If you ever need to buy a noose from Amazon I bet the best ones are the ones without any reviews.
  24. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Well I am going to pull most of the ones not doing $15 a 4 month cycle, the ones I am leaving that aren't up to $15 every 4 months are going to be worked once a year
  25. Coinco mag50b

    Coinco 3341-S has a coinco ba50b bill acceptor now bot it's stoped taking bills
  26. Problem accepting dollars

    I have a drink vending machine that when you put a dollar in you hear a little click and nothing happens. It won't vend anything and it wont give you your change. I've replaced the bill validator, the coin mech, and the adapter for the coin mech and bill validator. Idk what else to do. Any suggestions?
  27. Coinco mag50b

    Yes, with the correct harness. Email me with info on your mech.
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