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Arizone Green Tea 16.9 OZ Bottles in Dixie Narco 501E Narrow Column - Correct Settings


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I got these setting by experimenting but I have NO IDEA if they are correct. Total newb at this. The machine does vend correctly. These are going in the narrow column.

Here is what I have, can any one tell me if this is correct ?

Used: 12 OZ Can shim, with rod in position B, back spacer position 16, Cam setting 3.




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8 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

Yes.  If it works why question it?

Because something that seems to work now may not be the best or most reliable. See also: 4 deep cans in Vendo 720s, anything in a P series Dixie, 16.9 oz Nestle water in anything.

But to answer the OPs question, yes, sounds about right. Just make sure the rear spacer leaves enough slack to slip a single finger between the bottle and the sold out paddle.

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16 minutes ago, SPARK said:

Mainly Because I HAD NO CLUE WTF I was doing  :( 

When loading the 501E do I have to manually turn and fill the rotor with the 'first' drinks ?



The easiest way to guarantee that it's primed and setup properly is to buy 5-7 (depending on cans or bottles).  With bottles (2 deep), vend until you get 5 bottles in a row.  Your first vend or two might be dry,but once you get 5 in a row, you will have verified that your settings are good and price is correct.  You really only need 3 in a row but you'd need to see 5 in a wide column.  I like to also make sure the stack is even too.  I can't stand it when there aren't 2 bottles on top or 3 cans.  Pet peeve.

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