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Adapter to fit weird bolt pattern?


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I have a Vendo V21 with two fill plates inserted above the coin slot and display. One is pretty standard, with the expected 4 bolt pattern to secure a bill validator or cashless bezel. The other has the same sized hole, but the plat is much larger inside the machine and the bolt patter in a larger perfect square, rather than the typical pattern that is narrower on the bottom (and smaller overall). Why did Vendo make this slot & what id it designed for? Can I get an adapter plate to allow a standard device to be installed?



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5 hours ago, cvending said:

I think you can mount your bill validator to the plate and insert in that opening. Although it does look a little worse for the wear

The bolt pattern is incorrect. I have the cashless bezel below and you can see the bolt pattern is very different. The hole is the right size, but no way to secure it.

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I finally got the adapter plate.....and it doesn't fit. The holes are not quite far enough apart. The original plate that covers the hole has slots to accommodate two different bolt patterns. It appears they sent the adapter plate for the other one. This is so frustrating. 20220109_124603.thumb.jpg.771a9c6c01f5a45bd3e62ffc35bfde88.jpg 


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