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A customer had a concern about a credit card reader ...

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It's a USAT, she said she swiped her card and she was charged $1.50 for a $1.00 item, instead of $1.10 she should have been charged.  So I swiped my credit card and bought the same item, and the display said I had been charged $1.10.  She said the display said the same thing for her, but when she checked her app she saw that she had been charged the higher amount.  So I called my credit card company (don't have the app) to confirm the purchase:  he said that I had been charged $1.50, and then $1.10, and then the original $1.50 was removed.


Does this make sense to you guys?

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Yes.  Apparently you haven't read all the information that USAT gives you about credit card transactions on vending machines.  When the card is swiped it authorizes the maximum price set in your machine.  That is apparently 1.50 in your machine.  When the vend is completed and the transaction sent there will be a 1.50 hold on that card.  When the machine and it's processor settle the account (generally that night) the hold is removed and replaced with the actual vend price of the item bought.  Depending on the bank this settlement may take a day or two to happen.

USAT usually includes with each card reader a label you can place on the machine that explains how the transactions work.

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1 hour ago, Apple Leisure said:

Thanks guys, actually I've got 5 hour energy in there at $2.50 ..... why isn't the hold for that amount then?

I think the banks put a generic amount on hold, so it may be $1.50 regardless.

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