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Are Keyless Entry Vending Machines REALLY Keyless?

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Hello! I am a new member but thought this would be the best place to ask my question. 

I recently picked up a Vendo Pepsi machine and apparently it is a Keyless entry. How does one actually get into a Keyless entry vending machine?? I got it off an auction so they couldn't answer my questions. See machine specs below. 

Vendo Pepsi commercial vending machine with keyless entry
Dimensions : 39X34X72 inches
Model : 511PCD00160 981207
Voltage : 115V


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That is a Pepsi HVV machine. That door is proprietary to Pepsi and the generally destroy equipment rather than sell it at auction.  I would consider having the serial number run through a local Pepsi bottler to see if the equipment was listed as destroyed or if some third party operator sold a piece of equipment they were leasing from Pepsi.  

The Keyless entry requires a FOB and the previous owner must have had one.  Assuming everything is on the "up and up" you should be able to contact Triteq for a FOB.  They can be rather expensive.

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On 2/1/2022 at 3:26 PM, AZVendor said:

PEOPLE! Stop buying vending machines with electronic locks on them. Please! If you don't know anything about vending machines then ask first. Jeez

People will buy ANYTHING at an auction, they get caught up in the moment with no time to think things thru...


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