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Merry Christmas


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Want to say Merry Christmas to Vendiscuss Forum. I have enjoyed this forum since joining and have found many new friends.


You guys have done a great job here.


I am pretty good at what I do. But with that said I need help sometimes because I do not know it all and never will. I have found a wealth of knowledge here and if I haven't said thanks enough then here it is.


Thanks to all my new friends..... ;D  And Merry Christmas!


Thanks from Kansas ;D



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I own a laundry mat what are working on


snack dude


The golpher drain pump is making a golpher noise!

Everybody wants to sell me a complete pump, when all I need is the pump itself!

$125 to $150, well they can keep them I found just the oem pump on ebay for $50 shipped, without all the rest of the stuff I don't need!


Thanks anyway!





it is a kenmore elite, but all makes use the same golpher pump! Of course I took it down see how it was made. lol!

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