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Help! Crane 455 compressor not kicking on


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Hi all

I have 3 of these machines (crane 455). One of them has an issue with the compressor not kicking on. Normally I figured it was a temp sensor issue but I changed both sensors. I replaced the refer deck with a spare which has a brand new compressor. Tommorow I will try changing out both boards and triac in the machine. It wants to turn out but it "coughs and sputters and stops". I'm wondering what it could be.

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Thanks Lacanteen. I put a triac in but I think I need to put in the new 70amp triac (updated version) . After put in another triac (used) it turned on for like 10 seconds and shuts off. Since the power draw I believe I need a higher amp triac.

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No, you can't plug them into the wall.  There is a bench testing harness made for them that allowed them to be worked on outside of the machine.  The part number is 16800098 and it's still shown here: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-6975-d16800098-ap-320-test-harness.aspx.  It's well worth it for anyone who needs to troubleshoot this cooling unit.  I'll look and see if I uploaded the trouble shooting guide to the downloads section here.  It is used in conjunction with this harness.

Bingo!  Here is the troubleshooting guide to use with the 16800098 test harness.  You will need a meter with an amp probe on it to test the compressor current draw.  Again, it's also worth the investment.


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I fixed this issue months ago but forgot to close this issue out. I solved this issue. The solution was as follows.

1) The switch was loose so I got a new switch.

2) Both compressors including my spare  needed new air dryers and a freon. Now they blow super cold.

3) After that machine was like new 

Haven't had issues for months.

I had 1 issue unrelated which was a triac replacement.



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