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DN 276e coins gone wild

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Coins occasionally miss the CA in my 276e machine.  I replaced the coin chute, but it stops about a 1/2 inch from the CA.  Is this the correct chute for my machine?  Or is there one that goes closer to the CA?  There doesn't seem to be anyway to raise the CA without making modifications to the machine.  I haven't been able to replicate coins missing the CA, but I do find loose coins in the cabinet and customers have told me that the machine has stolen their change.  



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47 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

Pull the coin mech off and there might be two higher holes for the coin mech to hang from.  Those will be for Mars mechs which is what you have.

I already checked and there were none.  Should I make my own holes and raise the CM?

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So I ended up fixing this problem with a PVC cable hiding coupling that I purchased at Lowes.  They come in a two pack, and I cut one of them in half.  I fit that around the coin chute and taped it onto the coin mech on the inside and outside with clear tape.  I like how it looks and it's functional since I can still open the CM door without having to un-tape the coupling.  It seems to be working well so far.


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