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Beef Jerky Options


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I just use Slim Jim originals and sell them for 50c in my snack boxes... that is the only thing I can find that makes sense. They sell real well.

I will probably do Slim Jim Giant for $1.50 when I decide to go to that price point, but for now, I'm at $1.00 and 50c items. The Slim Jim Giant are roughly 70c each, and other brands are even higher at Sams... not possible to have any of those in a $1.00 honor box.

I truly don't get how Dollar Tree has Jack Link Squatch 1oz, Jack Link beef strip 0.8oz, beef and cheese pack, Slim Jim Giants 0.97oz... all for $1 each. Yes, I obviously realize they buy them by the tens of thousands and probably get them for 25-35 cents each, but should really mean that could be a supplier that could profit selling those items for 50c or thereabouts to folks like us who are buying a few dozen or few hundred? Bumping this thread for any ideas...

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15 hours ago, AngryChris said:

I'm not sure why you revived this 2 year old topic to mention slim Jim's.  Having said that, slim Jim's are not vending-machine friendly due to their very thin size.

As I mentioned above, I was bumping to get ideas.

I do snack boxes, so I can use snacks with basically any size. I can see how Slim Jim would be bad in coil vending machines for sure.

Thanks for the replies... I figured Dollar Tree might just be able to do it with thinner margin than we can due to massive volume. I was hoping maybe there was a supplier with roughly 50c for 1oz beef sticks they have, though.

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