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Bevmax 5800-4 picker cup seeking issue seeks too high

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   We have a bevmax 4, 5800-4 that has a random recurrent issue with the picker cup seeking and going too high by an inch or so. .

The whole building suffered a power outage awhile back due to a electrical accident/short circuit.  We immediately changed the picker cup and the port door as they were malfunctioning afterward. Then the problems moved to the machine randomly cause the cup to travel to the port door then back home. The machine has to be power  cylcled three times to restore functionality. Then after a few successful vends Randomly the picker cup will miss the mark with the Plunger 1 or so inches high. It will do it with all columns and rows.   We have changed the homing switch, and the board twice. Changed x/y motors for new ones. Though maybe we got a bad one(?)

still the issue persists. Power  cycling the machine three times works fine for a few vends then it starts hitting high with the cup plunger assembly then subsequent non vends and the picker cup afterward will move from home to the port door like it thinks a product is in the cup when a selection is made. 

setting the shelf offset looks appropriate, D2 = 700 though I am not super savy with the offset settings. 

any ideas or reccomendations that we should attempt? 


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I don't have much to add to the advise to call tech support.  Sounds like something got fried for sure, and since you have already replaced the usual suspects (and then some) the only things left I can think of are power supply, door switch, and cables.  Not sure how any of those could be causing the issue.  Tech support can walk you thru checking the error codes to start.  Maybe this will help:



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I had that issue. I replaced the pickercup assembly with a new one. A month later it started doing it again. I replaced everything that was replaceable.  Nothing helped. Out of desperation I replaced the pickercup with another new one and that fixed it. Seems the 1st new pickercup was defective. Been working great for the last 6 months

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HI To all,   

   Thank you all for replying to the post and offering fantastic support. LACanteen thank you and thank you all for directing to call Crane as well.  The short of it was that we had 2 bad picker cup y homing switches initially, The last one installed had the switch blocked by the packing tape. *doh* self inflicted. 

The Long if it:

After talking with Crane, they let me know that there were several issues I had described, but we will focus on the one caused by the y homing switch under the picker cup in further detail below. The others are well beyond the length of this post and I do not want to “muddy the waters.”


The Deeper detail: Crane informed me that the machine has the ability to “function” with a disabled/broken y homing switch, but the offset will slowly drift, eventually causing non-vending.  The way the machine does this is using the other sensor data, drop sensor in the cup and port door sensor and x/y position. The vertical drift in the shelf slowly increments in the controller till the vender just sends the picker cup all the way to the top and slams the assembly to the top or side no matter the selection chosen. This is because the homing switch acts as a “reset” to say “you have arrived reset yourself”

Thank you all again for your expertise and feedback.


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