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  1. I got a few when I bought a smaller vendor's business. I tossed them. Got some money from the scrap guy.
  2. I have a USI CB500 that has been sitting for a while. I've plugged it in and it works great. The compressor is noisey, but it cools. The issue is that it no longer shows the temperature when I press "0". It only shows "- - - F". It's cold inside and there's no ice anywhere. The compressor goes on and off like it should, it's just louder than the others. It just no longer shows me the temperature. Any idea what's wrong?
  3. I have 3 and seldom have an issue. When I do call them for an issue or to change a setting they are usually there within a day or two.
  4. I wish I was closer to you. I'm in northeast Florida.
  5. Good Day All, I have a Royal RVDVE-650-10 that just suddenly stopped cooling. I've had no problems with it in the past. It's showing it's 71-77 degrees on the display (depending on when I check it). Both fans are running, and there is NO ice anywhere. Usually when I have ice I can figure out what's going on, but this one has none. I don't know how old this machine is. I bought it over a year ago on location and it's been fine until now. Is it worth trying to figure it out?
  6. I totally agree!!!
  7. I don't use gloss, it's too shiney and seems to show the minor dents more. That's why I use semi-gloss. I tried flat, but it just looks terrible.
  8. I just use semi-gloss black paint and roll it on.
  9. I do about that much too. I'm on my 2nd one in 11 years.
  10. I like the van! We have a drop safe in ours and we number the bags also.
  11. I use totes from WalMart. Some I've had 10 years now.
  12. The whole thing sounds shady to me.
  13. I use a pricing gun to put the date on them. Fours weeks from the freezer. Big Texas does great, then cheese and Jumbo. Cherry doesn't do too well, but that's my favorite one.
  14. I bought a used refrigerator at a yard sale for about $75.00. It stays in my box truck all the time. I plug it in at night. I keep all my danish frozen and candy refrigerated (but not too cold). I unplug it during the day while on the route, but it stays cold all day.
  15. I plugged a 12 pin into a 15 pin and killed the board in the machine. The coin mech still works, but not the DBA. I won't do THAT again!