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  1. I still have a couple of these machines in use. They are still working just fine...for now.
  2. Rubbing alcohol works good on a lot of paints. I use it and window cleaner a lot.
  3. 30 machines. Part time, as I have a full time job that I'll retire from in a few years. I intend to keep it small right now since it's just me doing it, but grow it a lot once I retire. I started young, so I'll still be pretty young once I retire from my full time job.
  4. Ive Scrapped two of those drink machines. I still have two of the snacks. Haven't had any issues with them so I'll keep them as long as they work. I wouldn't buy any more of the though.
  5. I had one. I finally gave it away. I couldn't sell it.
  6. I like Vendnet. When I call I get friendly people who know exactly what part I need because I can give them the serial number and what's wrong. It's that easy. Now, the shipping is higher than I want to pay, but I also what to get what I need.
  7. I agree with using the furniture sliders. It does make them all easier to move and protects floors.
  8. We bought ours from Grainger a decade or so ago. Heavy duty "appliance " dolly. Still works great. Great for heavy machines. We also use a pallet jack that works great as long as there are no steps. I found the pallet jack by accident and only paid $45.00 for it.
  9. Sorry it took so long. I looked through all my keys. I thought I had some, but they are LAN56.
  10. Good Day, I have yet another problem! I have an OLD DNCB180cc with a Maka NB15A 200 117v validator that is now starting to not pull bills in most of the time. Sometimes it will, mostly it won't. What can I replace it with?
  11. This morning I went to the machine. The compressor came on shortly after I arrived, so it's still working. However, the temp inside (I have a thermometer sitting inside) still shows 60F. I have never noticed the snack option before, but I did see it today. I set the entire machine to cans, then followed the temp setting and set it to 36F. I pressed * twice (I had forgotten about this before (duh on me!)) I closed it up and messed around my little warehouse a while and noticed the compressor never came back on. So I went back into it (option 0, and checked relay 1). It came on again when I got to relay1. Now it's running again. I'll go back in a few hours to see if the temp has changed inside. The display STILL only shows the temp at "---F" It will not show a number. I'm not sure if it's working or not yet.
  12. I It's a USI CB500. M/n: 3500 The display shows 2410 then EEGd then CNT10 Thank you
  13. How do I do that? I don't see anything on the menu about soda or snack. And I didn't see anything about cut in/out on the temp setting when I changed the temp.
  14. There is no frost or ice anywhere. The temp was set at 36. I changed it to 40F. The machine is sitting out in the open at my warehouse. A sheet of paper will get sucked up when the compressor is running. Something else I noticed...the electricity was off for a few hours. The next day the temp, which was staying at 60F, was now above 70F. So I went through the menu and found relay 1 was not on, again. I've found this before and turned it on then and again this time. As soon as I turned it back on, the compressor came on. I went back the next day and never heard the compressor come on (it was back up to 70F). I went to the relay menu again and as soon as I got to relay 1 to turn it on, the compressor came on again. What's causing this?
  15. I put a thermometer inside and it's only going down to 60 degrees, but it stays at 60. The compressor comes on for a while and goes off for a while as normal, but it just gets to 60 and it show ---F on the display.