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Nayax customer service

tc vending

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Every employer is short staffed. Biden’s biggest accomplishment..... jobs everywhere. Cause no one wants to work due to getting paid so much to sit at home and be lazy.

ive never had a problem with Nayax tech support. Though I’ve only ever had to call them a handful of times. 

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8 hours ago, tc vending said:

So I wait 35 minutes for them to answer the phone they hang up on me. I am waiting 51 minutes and counting now their service may be worse than USA Technologies Canaloupe.

There is an option for Nayax to call you back when you're on hold.  They are usually pretty quick to call you back when you choose that option, so give it a try.

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Thanks for your kind words (if not sarcastic :) ).

Certain days and certain times of days, our lines might be busier then usual. However, we also are growing dramatically in huge ways because  in addition to new customer business, so many are moving to Nayax from other companies because at the end of the day technology and education of that technology matters and many are finally understanding that. To meet the dramatic growth we are hiring many many new people so even wait times will improve over time.

Samples of what Nayax Operators gain (and do not pay a penny more for)?

* Chip slot (NO CHARGEBACKS) - Our operators have no chargebacks yet others not buying Nayax, even after upgrading their readers, still will have customers swipe and operators will still be hit with chargebacks.
* Power Down and Power Up Alerts - Why lose any time and money and know instantly
* No forced contract – Operators are signing agreements and do not realize until after that they have locked themselves in for many years. Get in writing (not just by voice) that you won't be penalized in any
way should you decide to switch your hardware provider. 
* Vandalism and Water Resistant Readers - https://youtu.be/yptgHfhmxBE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQ3GGMJ5kg 

* Nayax builds Customer Engagement into their hardware:

       Nayax readers speak to the customer and guides them through the transaction by voice and says thank you when completed

       Monyx Rewards and Loyalty Wallet App (lowers your processing fee)– “Shake Me” feature will give your customers free money after every purchase and also Nayax gives a 10% bonus (a free $2.50 for every $25 the customer would spend) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuLG0y-0yE4 and click here - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hwILaiIfMy0

* 99.9% uptime guaranteed uptime servers - How many days / weeks have you been down over the past few years and how much does that cost you in $$$$? If our servers ever went down, since are a company that engineers it's readers (unlike others), if we should go down we are on it with our own team.

New features added all the time such as recently added - Instant Receipts - https://youtu.be/k2SkUIb8rZI

See separate post coming of the newest exclusive feature - Mutli-Vend with EMV, no pre-authorizations, and no Chargebacks 

Thanks to those who have reached out to me . Questions anytime...

Harry Kozlovsky
Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax



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Hi Putrevus.

There is apparently lots of misunderstanding of that term which makes sense as Nayax technology has not and does not assess them and others have been and still do and one would have to be a Nayax customer to ask and get the answers. 

As I posted previously and many times over the years, your customers should not be swiping their cards as those transactions can be copied/stolen (that is why for many years y'all have had chip cards (which cannot be copied/stolen) and why for many years you have not been able to swipe when you leave work and shop retail). A chargeback is a penalty over and above the cost of the item, assessed by the processing company on the operator should credit card be copied/stolen and then disputed and that card had a chip on it but the reader did not have chip insert available and the customer could still swipe the card. The penalty can add up and will show up on your statements each month and are easy to miss if you do not scrutinize your statements each month. I had a non Nayax customer call me awhile back that sold cigarettes in casinos in Las Vegas. He had been hacked and before he knew it he was hit with $50,000 for chargebacks from the processing company. He of course was traumatized. He then did his diligence, had no idea what EMV meant, googled, discovered Nayax and like I've been educating here about EMV for years, he learned the hard way and switched if not too late. This is not to say you will be hit with that amount of chargebacks but one must ask themselves why one would buy readers that allow for such penalties when they do not need too and then why Nayax technology does not allow chargebacks and then what other features Nayax has that are important. Technology is important and we engineer our technology (and for the world - imagine the technology involved in these working with cellular and processing in 60 countries and languages) unlike other readers. As I always say, ask questions, become educated, do not rely on others, but control your own destiny by doing your own diligence.

Ask any questions....

Thank you.

Harry Kozlovsky
Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax
410-302-9015 (text or call)


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