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  1. We recently took a location from another vendor. The location called to have him pick his machines up. A week later we show up to deliver our and his are still there so we moved them out of the way. Long story short, 6 weeks later after multiple calls from location, us, and coke, his machines are still there
  2. They also just came out with hot buffalo bugles. They have been doing pretty good for us so far
  3. I tried the guacamole and they are doing ok. Nothing special so far for us. Haven't tried the blazing hot yet
  4. Cumberland Gap spring water 20oz is a good solid bottle. We get ours from Vendors Supply but I think some Sam's and Walmarts carry them. Cost is a little over 20 cents
  5. We just bought these. Hydraulic with built in ratchet straps. An upgrade from our old wooden ones. Makes moving drink machines an ease. Also have a dutro. Pallet jack for snack machines. You can use these for snack machines too, just haven't tried it yet
  6. Same here. We've had 3 of them for 10+ years with no sign of wearing out anytime soon
  7. I have an lcm3 with UCB and I get cash and credit sales
  8. If it uses shims then it's not a 721
  9. There's no way that's NEW. Those are refurbished prices for the ams
  10. Unfortunately thats probably what you are going to have to deal with if you use 20oz because i don't know of anywhere else you can get them. That's there "everyday value price". Until you get established and have larger orders. As for the machines, it varies for us. They always do a great job of refurbing as far as looks goes but it's honestly a toss up with the function.
  11. Sorry meant Powerade
  12. But they have a bev max with Gatorade / zero, juices, and whatever their version of muscle milk is. Then a stack vendor with regular soft drinks
  13. We only have a snack machine. Coke big wig on the board at this one
  14. We have one right now. Actually had 3 about ten years ago but then they wanted fruit, yogurt, etc so we pulled them. Picked the one back up about a year ago. It does about 150-175 a week. Has some restrictions. Sunchips, baked chips, veggie chip, protein and cliff bars, nuts, beef jerky. Things of that nature
  15. Yep Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk