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  1. There's no way that's NEW. Those are refurbished prices for the ams
  2. Unfortunately thats probably what you are going to have to deal with if you use 20oz because i don't know of anywhere else you can get them. That's there "everyday value price". Until you get established and have larger orders. As for the machines, it varies for us. They always do a great job of refurbing as far as looks goes but it's honestly a toss up with the function.
  3. Sorry meant Powerade
  4. But they have a bev max with Gatorade / zero, juices, and whatever their version of muscle milk is. Then a stack vendor with regular soft drinks
  5. We only have a snack machine. Coke big wig on the board at this one
  6. We have one right now. Actually had 3 about ten years ago but then they wanted fruit, yogurt, etc so we pulled them. Picked the one back up about a year ago. It does about 150-175 a week. Has some restrictions. Sunchips, baked chips, veggie chip, protein and cliff bars, nuts, beef jerky. Things of that nature
  7. Yep Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  8. We use usat and have had no problems with them. The readers are definitely worth it in my opinion. The hotels i have them in have seen about 40-50% increase actually. The increases we have seen across the board have exceeded my expectations. Before we started using the cc readers, we had a location we were going to pull out of. Snack and drink averaging about $15 a week a piece. Decided to give it one last chance with the cc reader ( because the average age of worker is probably 28), they are now averaging $75 a week a piece. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  9. Same here. We get samples from reps for other stuff that's cheaper but its like chewing rubber
  10. A very large company in our town used it a few years back. They ending up scraping it pretty soon into it. Not sure the specifics. but i think they ended up with vendsys
  11. I've never done vending in a driving school but when i went in my teens, ours was connected to a mall which had Coke machines everywhere and a food court. When we had breaks we would hit the mall. Just canvas the surrounding before you meet and ask how many classes and how many people in the classes. If it's stand alone place with decent numbers it might do ok
  12. We have used Cummins jetsort for years. Very reliable. Also Cummins bill counter
  13. I would suggest AMS. They will be cc compatable and have guaranteed delivery.
  14. Yoo-hoo sells pretty good for us in the few machines we have it in.
  15. We pay a small base pay plus 10% commission. This has worked great for us for a long time. The more they pull the more they make, so they are more inclined to pull slow movers and change things up and make customers happy. There are a lot of different opinions from people on here about paying drivers and what works for one company might not work for another. Some say hourly is the best, some say commission, some say salary plus bonuses. But this is what works for us